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Cartoon Review (NSFW)

6/25/13 by hania
Updated 6/25/13

NOTE: There are swear words and inappropriate references made in this song... want it? Take a listen. Don't want it? Don't take a listen. Simple :D

The song is available for download on my website ! Woo!! (which is also new and exciting!!) **thumbs up

It's really just a play on what I see online these days with cartoons about stuff... not meant to offend, just meant to entertain. :D

I had an absolute blast composing this song, singing it is so fun! And I really liked filming it. Heh, I actually super enjoy playing on a free-moving keyboard!

So far it's had a nice little response so I thought I'd share it on Newgrounds to see what you all think of me stretching out my legs a little and relaxing with my subject matter. Can't always be serious and deep with my music making. *wink


If you need music for your game, let me know! I have a little bit of time where I can make a few things for you all :D


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Ha! Love it!

Yeah that sounds about right. I'm not sure why these things work, but some how they do. Here again, I love your work!

I wasn't offended at all, butt... I mean but really, really surprised ! Didn't expect that at all, still, very funny, and I guess it's also a true statement.



Ok, I've thought of something to say... the song reminds me of some of the musical numbers from the muppet movie "Meet the Feebles" by Peter Jackson.

Just like real life, I definitely did not see the butt rapage coming.
The pain...