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June Update

Posted by hania - June 11th, 2011

So a few things have occurred since my last post... Firstly, I'd like to thank the judges of the May Nac 2011: Acapella Theme Comp for enjoying 'Haru Song' enough to give me first place. Just so you know, I've purchased a kick-arse Newgrounds Tank Top from the Newgrounds Store with the winning Store Credit. :D

Which leads into the next bit of the update - I'll be wearing that top (probably under a million jumpers cause it's so freaking cold) at the Newgrounds Aussie Meet July 1st and 2nd in Melbourne, Australia. James and I will fly down on the Thursday night to start the celebrations - Jazza has kindly offered to accommodate us while we're there which means there will hopefully be a collab that comes of this trip... so stay tuned!

After attempting to quit my day job in the city, I failed miserably and stayed on part time - however, this means that I will at least get 4 days of music time per week (if I do music on weekends) instead of just having the weekend where all I want to do is sleep.

My album will finally be completed really soon so get your paypal accounts at the ready, cause I am going to do the whole 'I need to pay my bills at some stage' thing and actually sell this album as opposed to giving it out for free like the Tarboy Album and Bonus Tracks. :D

My facebook account is doing well - got a whole bunch of friends from around the world chatting to me on regular occasions which is awesome as I'm really into connecting with fans. You guys and girls are what drives me to continue making what I make - so if you're keen to chat or just say hello at some point, I'm on FB Chat every few days: Add Me?

James and I are already planning this years 24 in 24 (see last years attempt here). So stay tuned for updates on what day and time we'll be starting - we'll be doing a live feed as we did last year where you can offer up your ideas on chat as we animate and create music live with the intent on creating 24 animations in 24 hours straight! We're thinking of doing Livestream this year instead of Stickcam.

That's about it for now.


Awesome, dug the first album, looking forward to the next one :)

Keep us posted

Will do ;)

haha i friended you on fb when you had 5 friends :D


Awesomeo! Can't wait to meet you guys at the Meetup!

Yay you're coming too!! :D See you there!!

Watch out ... Jazza is equally attractive as he is deadly ...

... I'm lucky to still be alive.

HA! Winter!
Too bad you're not in PA for the real thang.

Stop rubbing it in, Richie.
I will stalk you soon...

Album,fb,another 24 in 24?
the words "im sold" cant fit more to my opinion.

Any news on Tarboy II?

we've got one epic day to pump out something awesome. Can't wait to jam with you guys in muh studio :D

Awesome! I'm so pumped!!! :D

Jazza + Hania. Okay. That sounds ominous.