Squirtle Got A Gun

2013-05-16 14:36:45 by hania

Squirtle Got a Gun, Squirtle Got a Gun (oh yeah he got a gun...)

This started off as a project that was meant to be animated but it never happened so the song was put out on its own with some web cam shenanigans!

I've got the song for sale on my site & iTunes so if you'd like to support me, go buy it! But I feel it should be available to download here for free as I was lucky enough to be able to head to the NG Office in Philly months back to try out some vocals for this in their recording booth! I didn't end up using those vocals, but the trip allowed me to brainstorm and practice and that's just as important!

If you feel like downloading it here for free, make sure you still go check out my NEW website! MyHaniaArt; and maybe click the "Donate" button to buy me lunch while I work on more music and art! :D

For all those people following my art stuff; here's my Etsy Store !! :D A lot of cool people have been buying my artworks and it's so humbling to be able to walk them to the post office every few days! Keep it coming beloved art collectors!!! <3

So much has happened in the last few months I don't know where to begin - so if you've got questions, PM me. :) I'll leave you now with a photo of me walking down some cool looking train tracks in Byron Bay when I visited Australia a few weeks ago. It was great to see my parents, but I can't help by think of USA as my home now. *wink

Squirtle Got A Gun


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2013-05-16 15:29:59

If there's one thing about you that I do like: you are easy on the eyes.


2013-05-16 15:33:04

Very catchy track, although I must say, I was hoping to see a Pokemon cover of the Aerosmith song.


2013-05-16 17:20:06

Nice song though.


2013-05-16 21:52:27

bigjonny! Haha dude I thought the same thing :D Still great though Hania, glad to see you're still kicking.


2013-05-18 14:20:03

Good tracks. :P


2013-07-09 20:56:02

That is so epic!