Cartoon Review (NSFW)

2013-06-25 11:33:24 by hania

NOTE: There are swear words and inappropriate references made in this song... want it? Take a listen. Don't want it? Don't take a listen. Simple :D

The song is available for download on my website ! Woo!! (which is also new and exciting!!) **thumbs up

It's really just a play on what I see online these days with cartoons about stuff... not meant to offend, just meant to entertain. :D

I had an absolute blast composing this song, singing it is so fun! And I really liked filming it. Heh, I actually super enjoy playing on a free-moving keyboard!

So far it's had a nice little response so I thought I'd share it on Newgrounds to see what you all think of me stretching out my legs a little and relaxing with my subject matter. Can't always be serious and deep with my music making. *wink


If you need music for your game, let me know! I have a little bit of time where I can make a few things for you all :D


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2013-06-25 16:08:06

Just like real life, I definitely did not see the butt rapage coming.
The pain...


2013-06-25 23:51:30

Ok, I've thought of something to say... the song reminds me of some of the musical numbers from the muppet movie "Meet the Feebles" by Peter Jackson.


2013-06-26 10:53:33

I wasn't offended at all, butt... I mean but really, really surprised ! Didn't expect that at all, still, very funny, and I guess it's also a true statement.


2013-07-03 13:06:35

Yeah that sounds about right. I'm not sure why these things work, but some how they do. Here again, I love your work!


2013-07-09 20:53:43

Ha! Love it!