Coven Girls.

2013-12-02 09:33:29 by hania

So who watches American Horror Story? And specifically; COVEN. ?


So I made a song that makes me happy. It's called "Coven Girls" and here's the video clip:

Also, we all like Christmas songs, right? WRONG! So I took the over-played, overly-cheesy Christmas carols that are force fed into our ear holes during December and turned them into something new. If you're looking for some calm-ass, cool Christmassy music to play during some sort of holiday thing this month; maybe throw this into the mix?

It has simulated snow.

On a personal note:
Things with me are both amazing and super awful. But I'm sure that's the same tune we all sing with life. Up's and down's; so I won't bother you all with details. :p HOWEVER on the UP side of things; my Mum no longer has Breast cancer! And honestly, I am so thankful to everyone who had her in their prayers and thoughts during the operation. :D

Oh, and for all the hockey fans out there; I've gone to 4 live games at The Prudential Center this year and the last time I went, we were invited to sit up with the HARDCORE FANS (I've been told that to sit in that section, you need to go for an interview!) so during the anthem, I was helping the super nice cheer leaders hold up a GIANT flag, we started all the chants, we drank a lot of beer and had an absolute BLAST!! 'Murica!

If anyone needs anything with my voice/music, let me know. ;)


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2013-12-02 14:37:16

Great news about your mom! Lost mine to cancer about 6 years ago.
we are finally attacking and re doing the music for that song you helped out on. :) :)

Going to play you lots on my radio show this year. Let me know if you want anything new said. :)


hania responds:

I'm so sorry for you loss. :( Cancer sucks so hard. My mum is so fortunate to have caught it so early on. Good to hear you're getting to the track and yes! I have more music for your radio; email me!


2013-12-02 15:04:43

I started watching Coven a few days ago, its a real sick show. Wasnt expecting to get hooked on it.
Also i kinda have a crush on Taissa Farmiga, shes so fucking adorable :3

hania responds:

They all are!! I love that show so much :D It is SO gory but I think that's why it's great; not just about girly girls magic-ing around. It brings in the scary history and combines it with psycho women... OMNOMNOM


2013-12-02 15:28:35

I have always loved your voice! Always! Ifell in love with ur voice while playing Alice is dead 3.

Loved that song and downloaded it. Loved it loved it. I may want to have you in something i may do in the future. Stay beautiful! ^~^

hania responds:

When you're ready, I'm ready! :D Really happy you liked the song Alice is Dead. I should make more of that type of music... yeah. Going to go do that. :D


2013-12-04 01:26:30

I recently noticed you moved to the states... Feels awesome that my favorite independent musical artist is on the same soil as myself. However, I almost had a heart attack when you mentioned the Prudential Center... suddenly realizing that... NJ has a Prudential Center too... For some reason I thought for a split second you paid a visit to Boston.

Additionally, I'm glad to hear your mom has recovered. I've had the same thing in my family so I know what you've gone through.

I listened to the entire Christmas Carol covers last night as well. Totally brightened up my night!

Please, keep forever making music!

hania responds:

Oh I've been to Boston twice already! And I'll be visiting again soon! I love it there :D (lobster nomnomn's) Glad you liked the Christmas tunes and who knows, I might see you around in Boston sometime! :D


2013-12-10 23:15:05

Awesome :3

hania responds:

Thank you :D


2013-12-14 22:25:33

I'm glad mom's okay. Sorry to hear about the not so good stuff, but we have to take the bad with the good. Things haven't been so hot my way either, so I feel ya. I have really been focusing on the positive and just being happy every morning when I wake up, that I was given another day to wake up.

I don't watch AHS, not because I have anything against it, I just haven't had time to watch anything lately. My friends are all telling me it is fabulous so maybe I need to take one evening and watch them all.

Last but not least, my son LOVES your Pokemon songs. I am trying to get all the kids hooked on your music young, then you shall always have a steady fan base.

Take care of yourself! Have a Merry Christmas/Happy Holidays with good music!

hania responds:

LOVE your comment about getting your kids hooked early on. :p I should make more Pokemon songs!
Hope you had a great Christmas and New Year celebration! 2014 is going to be special for us all!


2013-12-16 14:33:55

The beginning of O Come All Ye Faithful was amusing with that... didge-like thing. The rest of it was AWESOME!

I love your "12 days of Christmas" rendition! Have you ever heard the Straight No Chaser version?


2013-12-22 05:36:12

Happy for your mom. Too bad about that other news I won't name since you didn't, I don't know any details, maybe it was for the best? You can write your own ticket with that voice; don't settle waiting for projects to come to you, find them!

hania responds:

Great advice! I'm writing a few tickets at the moment so that's really cool ;) Stirring the pot to see what other musical works I can make for people ... certainly getting somewhere with it all :D And about the bad stuff; it was a good decision on my part. Allows me to be a happier person all round. :)


2014-01-10 18:16:25

I will definitely let you know!!! Omg its such a pleasure to talk to you! And if you do more music like that I know that me and everyone else supports you!!!!