2014-02-24 14:50:44 by hania

Get your Rocket Love on! Why? Because one needs a does of WTF Eurobeat. I remembered I had these instruments and NEEDED to try them out on a song... rockets are awesome, love is awesome... Rocket Love felt right.

In other news, I'm heading to the land of Australia soon to experience sleeping in the Sydney Zoo! Amazing behind the scenes tours, animal time, the opera house as a backdrop... it's going to be an experience of a lifetime! 



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2014-02-25 02:16:27

Will you be submitting this music video to Newgrounds?

hania responds:

Already have :D


2014-02-25 11:12:33

Oh whoa, totally missed it yesterday! There was some glitching going on here, at the time..... Ah, summertime in Sydney, drop us a line after the production's over with!


2014-02-25 23:20:11

This looks more Asian then European


2014-05-25 19:20:14

You've certainly put on some miles, since you last wrote this blog news thingy....


2014-05-27 22:28:07

I like it!!!! its fun, catchy, and i cant animate for poop so im not gunna judge it but overall loved the song and the animations were cute ^_^


2014-08-13 09:27:44

yeah i really liked this one Hania put a smile on my face ")


2014-08-20 23:20:49

Ever take a shot at sculpture?