Make It Go Away

2015-11-19 09:26:16 by hania

Hehe. This video is weird. Let's just move past that fact. Enjoy!



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2015-11-25 09:04:49

Everything about this is amazing.

hania responds:

Thank you! :D


2015-12-03 01:01:46

Wonderful singing voice and perfect piano backup!
The only thing holding this song back is probably just the fact it hasn't been shared enough. Let's get links to this song out there.

hania responds:

YOU'RE THE BEST!! :D Thanks so much for enjoying ***AND*** sharing.


2015-12-13 21:54:39

I liked the music. Even the video styling is fine. Lets be honest, it's your expressive dancing that makes it weird.

I know, I know, "Hania is legendary", "Hania did that pokemon song that got me all bothered" and "haven't you ever heard of Tarboy?"

Still, you bee-bopped around a whole bunch and the wonder at whether or not
you were ever part of a rave scene quickly crowded out the somber tone and message of the song.

Does any of this mean it was bad? Course not! In fact, I'd advise making more.

Also, you kind of looked like Jennifer Lawrence @ 1:53.

hania responds:

I LOVE JENNIFER LAWRENCE!!! I need to be her best friend at some point. Just eat popcorn and watch TV together... that is my perfect day with Jen.

Anyway, thanks for enjoying this! I do not think of myself as legendary... yikes, that's a heavy weight to hold, but I love making music and I think it shows through. Hehe... bee-bopped. That should be a weight loss class because WOW did I sweat after a few takes of this!

Never a raver, sorry. But I have watched videos of ravers and really enjoy their cool arm flicky-crossing stuff so I think that bounced out of me while I was getting in the dancing zone.

In closing, I fucking love Jennifer Lawrence.