❤Love You❤

2016-02-26 11:25:04 by hania

Love is only what you make it
If you're rough, you'll probably break it
Take a book from my shelf and read a page.

I see your face
I see your eyes
I know of everything that makes you smile
Cause all I wanna do
Is love you

I felt an overwhelming bliss
When I took you by surprise with that kiss
And all you wanna do
Is love me too

There may be people
In this world that don't agree
But that doesn't matter
To you or me - no

We started on a midnight stroll
You warmed my heart when all I felt was cold
And all I wanna do 
Is love you

I wrote this song for you
To tell you all the things I know are true
And all you wanna do
Is love me too

And all you wanna do
All you wanna do
All you wanna do
Is love me too


Born from my Black and White improvisational session (Black and White songs S02Ep10) ! Just goes to show that constant improvisation helps bring out some really fun tunes. Thought I'd share. :) 


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2016-02-26 14:01:09

Lovely music as always~

hania responds:

Thank you ♡


2016-04-14 10:26:13

Awwww, that song was cute.