2016-04-27 23:48:37 by hania

Another song spawned from my Black and White series on YouTube and Patreon

This one is an actual animation though... like, all of it. Which is weird for me because normally I get really freaked out by the magic of animation and end up just plastering my face in an awkward way onto some film and shoving it into everyone's life. So this is refreshing.





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2016-04-28 01:19:34

Just following orders, Facebook sent me here.
That being said, I must agree, it really feels like something "new" when I see this animation accompanying the song. and of course it goes without saying, love the song.

hania responds:

Thanks for stopping by!! Newgrounds is a fun place to click around ;) So happy you liked the track xoxo


2016-04-28 01:48:23

Watched this a few times yesterday. Has its own unquie charm hand in hand with your songstress ways. See its not so lonely.

hania responds:

It's never lonely in my home these days... I have a puppy! :D Thanks for watching it more than once!! :D


2016-04-28 03:02:49

Lovely harmony, likeable animation, both compliment each other quite well. Lyrics were pleasant and straightforward, a very nice music video/animation!

Completely slipped my mind... couldn't this have been uploaded here? Would've been a neat exclusive ;)

hania responds:

YES IT TOTALLY COULD (and should!!!) HAVE!!! Maybe I'll do that soon. I mean... it's never too late to upload, right? Thanks for the review! :D


2016-04-28 04:57:49

Meow :3

hania responds:



2016-04-28 06:35:59

Loved the song and the animation just added a quirky touch that made it perfect. Great job Hania!

hania responds:

Right? So glad you liked it!! :D


2016-04-28 08:59:30

Fantastic song! I loved it. The animation was a nice touch too. IMO, the best I have heard from you yet :) Was something about the mood in this one.

hania responds:

WOW thanks!! :D I'm finding my groove... it requires bongos. #lovebongos


2016-04-28 11:00:45

Awesome work, but I would expect nothing less! Keep it up, you're an awesome creative person. <3

hania responds:

Haha. Ahhh such high standards. Makes a girl nervous every time she uploads! ;) Thanks for enjoying it xoxo


2016-05-28 18:50:28

Say, did you make it to Pico Day? I couldn't, my truck died 2 days before the meet :\
So how's things up North, same old same old?

hania responds:

Yeah I made it there, but had to leave at noon. A Cinderella type of thing. Hah. Up north is still pretty northy. I mean, the white walkers are getting closer... winter is coming.


2016-06-09 00:55:27

More like a drive by, than a coach turning into a pumpkin. Oh well, a whirlwind tour beats nothing, you likely made away with some office supplies, stickers and such ;)
It was kinda cold today...

hania responds:

Some scissors, a stapler, some staples (clearly), two computers, a car, three pillows from downstairs, a chocolate bar and some hair.. from random people. I AM THE COLLECTOR.

I have no idea what I'm saying. I'm feeling giddy. I think I've not had enough coffee - or - too much coffee. One of those things. Today is hot as balls.


2016-07-15 18:01:24

Bloody oppressive out there, have you noticed how green things are? So many particulates in the atmo, it bounces the light up into leaves that wouldn't normally be lit, last time I saw that was before we and the Chinese eased up (dirty electricity/manufacturing), in the early 1980's.

Yeah I've been hitting the powdered bean filterings hard myself too, keeps my sinuses clear lol. I did have some Thai iced tea lately, it was bright orange and tasted way smoother and cleaner than orange peko, also richer... not on store shelves, gets mailed to a family I know.

hania responds:

It's cooling down. #waits5minutes oop, nope, back to being hot.


2016-09-06 19:21:58

I really love your song *Empathy* and I was wondering if you had any sheet music for it. I would pay for that song any day :)