TRACKERS cover Mad World!

2016-09-09 10:22:09 by hania

TRACKERS covered "Mad World" this week. Check it out! FREE to download right here on Newgrounds. *wink

>>Click to hear Trackers Cover of Mad World<<


Why did we cover this song? I have a weekly TwitchTV live stream and on it (last week) y'all said you wanted to hear a cover of Mad World by Trackers. So we did it. #foryou #in1week

Got another song idea for Trackers to cover? Tell us! Better yet, come say Hi on TwitchTV this Thursday. The Trackers band members are normally lingering in the text chat to hunt down great ideas. 

Oh you didn't know I have a TwitchTV stream? Well now you do. Tune in every Thursday at 8pm EST for random twitching. 

I know Trackers haven't release much of our music (yet), but I'm going to plug our Patreon page anyway. Get on and support us in these early days as there's so much awesome shit coming your way - you'll want to be ahead of the curve. "We were fans before they were a thing" you'll say. >>PATREON<<

On a personal note, I released Take Over at 2am this morning. I was inspired. Check out the sexy* videowoo-hoo!

*Goo-goo eyes at the camera while I sing you a chillin' tune 


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