What's 60+ people and a sunrise...

2016-11-12 15:27:57 by hania

I've been mulling over a video idea for this song for ages. Finally, a few weeks ago I decided to ask a talented actress to star in this clip. However, with her, myself and Patrick all trying to be creative, (and no game plan) the ideas that took shape on the day of the shoot were pretty damn terrible. Haha, I mean, we were running around a park, me chasing her, then her chasing me, getting angry at a fence, walking down a railway track, sitting next to a tree... it was so fucking stupid. Fun, but when the footage was looked at afterwards, I basically just scrapped the lot and put this song on the backburner. 


Until yesterday.


Something just clicked in my big brain and I hopped onto trusty ol' facebook. Within 10 minutes, I'd set up an event to ask for people to send me in selfies with the word "SUNRISE" somewhere either written on them, or on paper in the shot somewhere. I gave everyone a 4 hour deadline, then sat back and waited.

Within 4 hours, over  60 people sent me their selfies! It didn't matter that they were at work or home, they grabbed something to write with and either wrote on themselves, or postit notes, or a piece of paper and took a quick snap with their phone. I was beside myself in gratitude and humbled by the response.

So this inspired me to treck back out into the woods this morning, with Patrick behind the camera, and make this video about how positive the world can be. How quickly people can band together and work as a team when called for by someone they know will do right by them. It didn't need effects, it needed the raw sunlight and a steady hand (Thanks, Patrick!). 

It needed a positive can-do attitude, and a lot of hands-in-thigh action afterwards because HOLY BALLS IT WAS COLD OUT THIS MORNING! Worth it.


Enjoy the song.




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2016-11-13 16:29:52

What a lovely bunch of handsome cats, lovely song as well Hania as always :3 <3 Meow <3

hania responds:

Thanks for being so handsome yourself! Meow right back at ya. <3