2016-12-08 13:16:44 by hania

Did someone drop a Christmas album? F@ck yes they did! 



01. The List (Original: Jazzy and funny)
02. We Wish You a Merry Christmas (Cover: Traditional Christmas mood)
03. The Meaning of Christmas (Original: Built with a generous sprinkling of Epic)
04. Angels We Have Heard on High (Cover: Harmony upon harmony!)
05. Believe in Claus (Original: Sung by a real elf)
06. Jolly Ol' Saint Nicholas (Cover: Jazz, toe tapping, mentions specific fans... ) 

You're going to love it! Go grab it and add the new stuff to your classic Christmas Listening playlist. 




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2016-12-09 00:15:56

Hello, miss Hania. Is there any way to preview music that you have for sale?

hania responds:

Good question! There really should be... huh. Alright; I've uploaded a teaser track for all the songs on this year's Christmas album. :D

But yes - I need to find a way to be able to upload each song for all other downloads, and make it play a few seconds so one can review prior to purchasing. Thanks for the tip!! :D


2016-12-09 00:16:34

Just noticed I haven't been a "fan" of you. The fuck

hania responds:

What are you doing?! How did we go this long?! :p Glad to have you on board. <3


2016-12-09 17:06:26

Lol, thank you. I've been seeing your work for, like, a decade. Yeh, previews would be a great thing to have.

hania responds:

Done and done, my friend! ;)