❤ Pre-Order the Album! ♫ ♬

2017-02-09 11:40:23 by hania

I'm finally doing it. I'm getting physical... I'm making an album on a Physical CD for You. 

Why Pre-Order the CD?

  • Your name will be included in the printed SPECIAL THANKS SECTION page of the CD's booklet!
  • You are guaranteed to receive a copy of the CD
  • I will sign the booklet for you (and write whatever else you want on there!)
  • Bragging rights


When do you need to pay for it?

NOT YET! First I need you to decide if you're going to want to buy the CD and fill ou the pre-order form. 

To keep the cost of the Album under $20, I need to order a certain amount of CD's with their booklets.  This means that I need to make sure I've got enough people wanting to purchase a physical copy of my Album so that I break even on the printing costs! :D

Once I reach this 'Album Milestone', I'll be able to place the order and at that point, I'll be emailing you with a Secure PayPal Link for you to click & pay. Once you receive that email, you'll have 48 hours to click the link and make the payment of $19.99 + shipping. If you follow that one easy step, your name is guaranteed to be on the booklet! 


How much is it?   $19.99 + Shipping



Click THIS LINK  to head over to the Pre-Order Form. Simple!


What will be on the album?

The album will be a collection of my New & Most Popular songs. Basically expect a lot of music. ;) 


I want to hear a SPECIFIC (hania) song on the album. Can I request it?

Yes!! Simply CLICK ON THIS RIGHT HERE and leave a comment with the song that you absolutely would love to hear on the album and I'll see what I can do about putting it on there! ;) The reason that I haven't included this question in the pre-order form or on this Newgrounds Post is because I didn't want to force you to name a track. But for my die-hard fans that absolutely must hear this one song on the CD, your time to speak up is right now. RIGHT THERE. <3 



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2017-02-09 21:04:11

Sounds awesome, Hania!

hania responds:

Thanks :D


2017-02-09 21:51:19

Hania do ruchania.

hania responds:



2017-02-10 02:43:04

Glad to see you're still doing music Hania!

hania responds:

Forever and always!


2017-02-13 18:07:55

Holy crap... I fell in love with your music back when I first heard it in the Alice is Dead games. I am so glad you are doing this! I'll be ordering in the next day or so for sure.

hania responds:

YAY!!!! <3 <3 <3