It's a... (Sex & Music)

2017-09-19 08:39:09 by hania

I am so excited to be sharing this news with you all!!

In 4 months, the next chapter of my life is going to start and I am SUPER PUMPED!

It's weird because at first when I was planning to get pregnant, I was afraid it would hinder my music making. Or people's perception of my music. But I've created so many songs since becoming pregnant (for my WANTED: Vigilante album + singles) , and my fans have been nothing but excited and supportive of this news, that I feel like perhaps this second heart, second brain, 10 other fingers and toes etc etc might actually be freakishly helping me in some way. :p 

At the very least, I feel like I'm a temporary time lord. 

Enjoy the reveal! And enjoy the song that follows. <3 



- Tracks used within the video - 

"Forget Me" - Hania
Released 2017
Available for download on

"Be My Super Hero" - Hania
Released 2017
Album: The Hero Within
Available for download on 
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2017-09-19 08:51:22

Congratulations on becoming a mom! Although it's still probably sinking in at this point. Temporary Time Lord, eh? Seems legit since you've got two heartbeats! :D

Wishing you and your family all the best.

hania responds:

Thank you so much!! Yeah, every now and then I completely forget I'm pregnant (my tummy still hasn't "popped") and then it hits me and I start happy-crying. lol. So you're totally right; it's still sinking in at this point. :D


2017-09-19 09:41:01

Congratulations to the both of you! How are you feeling from it all? :D

hania responds:

Thank you!!! :D I'm past the morning sickness and am well into that "I feel invincible!" 2nd Trimester phase. It's awesome! xox


2017-09-19 11:28:21

Congratu-friggin'-lations!!! I can only imagine the joy you must be feeling!

hania responds:

Woo!! Thank you so much <3 I'm over the moon with happiness!! :D


2017-09-19 17:52:37

nice work, keep it up!

also: congrats on the baby, be always well, both of you! :)

hania responds:

Thanks! :D <3 Hope you're doing well too!!


2017-09-20 14:26:20

congrats hania !

hania responds:

Thank you!! :D


2017-11-08 11:20:23

r u Polish?

hania responds:

My parents are. I was born in Australia so I'm "Australian" ... but I speak Polish. :)


2017-11-24 14:53:00

Congrats! Prepare to love someone more than you ever thought you could love someone.
Babies are the biggest blessing.

hania responds:

Thank you thank you!! I am SO excited!! Only around 6 more weeks and I'll be a musical mum! WOOOOOOO