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Visiting the NG office!

2010-07-08 23:25:41 by hania

So James and I are visiting the Newgrounds office for Robot day :) We're in Philly now and just went to our first baseball game tonight - awesome.

Gonna head to Six Flags Great Adventure and ride the awesome Kingda Ka next week - it will rock socks.

Woot NG!!

and Cheese Steaks!!

Ballgina Safari

2010-06-16 04:10:37 by hania

Hey hey! Just wanted to let you all know about the new animation up on the portal ; Ballgina Safari (BGS for short).

This is a shortened version of my song 'Ballgina Safari' (full track can be found on the Cuddle PUNCH album on itunes, amazon, my blogetc) CurtiSmith did the animation.

You should go follow the two explorers on their quest to find Ballgina's... go go tight balls go!

Ballgina Safari

Bloopers anyone?

2010-04-15 07:19:33 by hania

So you know I'm making a live action video clip for my song 'Fear and War' - but do you know how hard it is to sit in front of blinding lights and camera's and not laugh?


See for yourself...

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Remember to buy my cuddle PUNCH album if you haven't already!

Fear and War Video Clip Update

2010-04-12 00:19:03 by hania

If you're keen to know how the video clip for Fear and War is coming along, have a look at the behind the scenes teaser:

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And if you want to see how the bluescreen was set up, which lights we used, how much stuff cost and check out the handy work of my make up artist Laura Hulbert, have a look HERE

Cuddle PUNCH! album on sale!

2010-04-01 01:35:36 by hania

The Cuddle PUNCH! Album... it's finally up!! Yes, you can wait for it to become live on iTunes and Amazon etc, or you can be one of the First people to hear it by heading to my blog www.hanialee.com !

Excited much?

** Update** The glitch that was brought to my attention has been fixed. Happy shopping! :)

Cuddle PUNCH! album on sale!

My Blog - Get to know Hania Lee

2010-02-12 05:27:44 by hania

Yay! The blog that I've been working so hard on is finally ready for the public :)

From the start of the year, I've been making posts in secret so that you've actually got a bit to read when you get there :)

Regular updates will be made. If there's anything you want me to write about, I'll make a huge effort to do so as soon as I can.

www.hanialee.com is the url if you want to share it.



2010-01-08 21:00:16 by hania

Happy New Year!

If you haven't already heard it, you should check it out - Bosa did the music and I provided the Vocals & Lyrics.
Check it out HERE

Just to let you know, the lyrics are not in any specific language - it's just totally made up gibberish that I think sounds freaking cool with Bosa's music.


ps. Curtis Richardson-Smith and I are doing a flash video clip to one of my songs - it's going to be ready in a few weeks so keep an eye out! I'm really pumped about this cause it's got to do with silly things. *squeekies*

pps. If you're after vocals for something PM me with a link to the music and I'll see what I can do :)

All I Want for Christmas, is You...

2009-12-19 05:10:55 by hania

Merry Christmas All! Well, it will be in a weeks time and I'm excited!!

So excited that I made a few covers of christmas songs and here's one to share ...

Hope you like it! And since there's a week to go, any one else want any other christmas songs re-made by me for your household on the big day? Let me know, I'll see what I can do :)


Silent Night Cover as requested by Akari-MMS. Hope you like it! :)

Happy Christmas (war is over) Cover as requested by PhyroDragon . A simple rendition that I hope you will all enjoy. :)

Who needs music?

2009-11-24 22:18:16 by hania

Hey everyone!
My name is Hania and I have some spare time up my sleeve at the moment (yay!) - so I'm calling out to all the animators who are making a film and require music.

I wrote the score for Tarboy, Roller Coaster Junkie and Popstar and heaps of other stuff that isn't on Newgrounds like Open Fire, Purged, Seawoks, Enjoy Your Heaven, The Intrepid Voyage of Steamship Daedalus & Conch (which I can't find on the net) :(

So if you think my kind of music is what your film needs, send me a message here with your email and I'll get back to you asap.

See ya!

Who needs music?

Tarboy Shirts are a-go!

2009-10-07 00:38:17 by hania

And the winners are...

Tarboy Small
Insect and;

I'm so excited. They look amazing!!