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Devastation Lyrics

2007-12-04 19:33:11 by hania

Devastation Lyrics:


So we begin there's nothing left
We feel so devastated
Willingly and openly we've failed
So now starts there's no one here to tell us not to try
We resurrect our last chance to survive
And now we stand we worship nothing
We pray to no god we're forsaken
Doomed to plague existence one last time
Devastation... (repeat)

So we are here entwined in purgatory
Living lies, we blame another reason but ourselves
We try to rebuild life the way it was but it won't happen
Look around you - this is now our hell.
For now we stand we worship nothing
We pray to no god, we're forsaken
Doomed to plague existence one last time
Devastation... (repeat)

I tried to create a piece of music with really ... REALLY cliché lyrics (purgatory, plague, doomed, forsaken...) - But the twist is, that the music isn't anything like the lyrics at all :)
Hrmm - does that make sense?



2007-11-22 01:40:37 by hania


How can you be so kind
Is there a world that you come from
Or is it because you're a man
How can you be so mine
Have I dreamed forever
Or is it because...

Am I dreaming
Am I lost in a distant world
Am I dreaming
Or am I a girl in love

How can you be for real
Touching you feels like a cloud
Is this a dream - it seems
Oh, are all these feelings allowed

Am I dreaming
Am I lost in a distant world
Am I dreaming
Or am I a girl in love

I wondered
Why you chose me...

How can you be so kind
Is there a world that you come from
Or is it because you're a man

Am I dreaming
Am I lost in a distant world
Am I dreaming
Or am I a girl in love...

Yes... a love song!! It's not mastered - and I have a cold!! But it's ok - if I can keep a note, I'll sing my little heart out!!
I hope you all like it :)



2007-11-20 05:42:29 by hania


You are..
Giving yourself to me
How could you ever be so ignorant
I don't want your love
I don't want your heart
Can you understand
We should stay apart

You are...
Living my life for me
That's great - until you fuck up
Don't you know that I
Have a brain inside
Can you understand that my life is mine
Tell me a time - when you wrote me a letter
Or even spoke the words
"Do -- you -- want -- me?"

I don't recall those words you just assumed \
That I'm a girl
A girl who wants you
A girl who needs you
A girl who luuurves (loves) you

You are...
Throwing your pain on me
How could you ever be so difficult?
I can understand -
That you're just a man
But I'm more complicated...

Picture the inside of a female head... see all the complicated nerve endings?? Females are delicate creatures that require care, affection... and to make them happy, you've got to be a mind reader.
So... this song basically lets you in on one of the thought processes of a chick in her late teens.
Have fun listening!



2007-11-20 05:32:35 by hania

This song may offend some... um... most actually ... it mentions that it's racist - but it's not really ... that's just a fun word! :) I've also lifted the song by about 3 semitones... I wanted a chip-monk, satire voice for this one... best thing to do ... EFFECTS PEOPLE!! :)

If you liked Necro... you'll like Hypnotize X-Rated.

LYRICS: (make sure you're reading these while the song is playing...)

This is a song
It's meant to be stupid, racist, down right Nasty!
So very wrong, is this song - and it's long

Imagine yourself in a boat - NO - a void, a black void...
Imagine a colour... BUT. NOT. PINK! caressing your limbs
Now you sink -
Into a dream state, into a trans
I'm counting down backwards - look at my hands
5 - 4 - 3 - 2 - 1
Don't open your eyes
Now I've begun ... to hypnotize...

So you continue to listen to this
Wanting the story, you don't want to miss!
So I continue to sing you this ssssong -
Oh lordy boredy, it's so very wrong...

So you are under this Looooow tooooned voice
I'm taking your will power by choice
Talk like a mokey, Cheese you shall grate
Oh Even Better...


You put your hand down your nickers onto -
Your peni or gina and begin to
Tuck it or rub it, what ever you please

Shuck yourself harder, you're doing it right...
Fuck yourself harder, continue all night,
Pluck every hair out of a giraffe,
Slaughter a pig, and suck on a calf...

Imagine yourself in the sky
Way up high where you're flying like a bird
Now a turd - dropping down towards Earth
Falling like the shit you are
You're stuck in traffic - you're stuck in your car

Listening to me and my non-chinese talk
Chinky-o-china, let's go for a walk
Walking back towards reality
Completely awake on the count of 3

1 - 2 - 3
... 4 - 5 - 6
The extra three numbers are in case you are thick
Have a nice day
Remember your fruit
End of this Song
Et Salut!
Et Salut!


2007-11-13 04:59:13 by hania


Once upon a time is the start
On a planet hidden, deep in the stars
There's a young boy waiting - transending parts of silver memories.

Ships arrived with the army of doom
All he hears is screaming; that will end pretty soon
Now he waits for something, hope in his heart
And silver memories...

He remembers his friends and his family
How they laughed as they played
He remembers his dreams, then reality -
As he sits, and he waits...

Once upon a time is the start,
There's no happy ending to this final part
Can you hear that pain beating in his heart
Can you see his silver, falling apart
Can you see his silver - - - falling apart - - -
His silver memory...


:( This song is about a boy who lost his family in the war that effected his home. In my mind, he was hidden by his mother so to avoid contact with the enemy. He sits in darkness, holding onto the silver photo frame of his family that his mum gave him just before she shoved him into the hiding place and just before he heard her brutally murdered.

This silver frame is the 'silver memory' that I speak of in the song.
When the climax hits, he is determined to not hide forever and runs out into the street in search of the bastards that killed his family, his entire race.

He runs into the enemy and freezes. They (in slow motion) point their guns at the boy, and shoot. The bullet flys through the air and hits the boy in the chest - he drops to the ground, arms open in submission to the death that is upon him. The picture drops and breaks - "can you see his silver, falling apart" - He dies. The enemy wins.

I hope this makes everyone think of how the war is effecting others...