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New Song called SLAVE

2009-10-02 06:47:26 by hania

Long time since my last submission, but I have something new for you all :)

The song is called 'Slave'

I really hope you enjoy it! :)


Tarboy T-Shirts!

2009-09-13 04:28:46 by hania


So we've counted up all the votes for the shirt designs and found the 3 most popular + James has done up another design due to the many suggestions from you all :)

So if you have some time, take a look at the 4 designs and let us know which one or two are your favorite!

Thanks a heap for all the emails and messages regarding the shirt designs - your thoughts and comments are really appreciated and it makes choosing the designs a whole lot easier!! :)


Tarboy T-Shirts!

Tarboy is finally here!

2009-08-23 05:41:36 by hania

Check out TARBOY here on Newgrounds.

For all those who know what Tarboy is, thank you for waiting so patiently for his arrival to the world wide web! He's done his rounds in the film festivals and it's time he found his home here on Newgrounds.

I really hope you all enjoy the film! It took James Lee 8 months to complete and I made the music :)

This 6 minute 20 second animation has become something of an epic and we are already working on Tarboy II. So make sure you take a look at the film, let us know what you think and also, check out the bonus material - we spent quite a while collating it all for you guys so it should be an interesting watch!

If you wanna check out the tarboy site: go to www.tarboy.com
We've also got it playing on youtube.

Once again, I really hope you like it! And keep an eye out for Tarboy II !!


Tarboy is finally here!

Memory Planet - New Song!

2009-07-08 01:48:21 by hania

So here is another song linked to the Memory Planet Series. It's called OUR INVADERS

The other songs associated with this series are:
Silver Memory and;
The Girl From Memory Planet

Hope you like it! :)


ps. Remember to check out some animated films by James Lee featuring my music on www.tarboy.com

Come Closer...

2009-05-16 22:26:10 by hania

Hey! Check out my new song 'Come Closer' here in the audio portal.

Let me know what you think! Reviews and votes always welcome. :)

Check out our new film!

2009-05-08 06:28:05 by hania

Okie dokie!
So we've made another short film (woohoo!)
Check it out 'Make Snacks not War'
We made it for a comp here in Australia.

In other news, we're completing another short film in the next few days - this one is doing a festival run, so it may be a while till it is released on the net.

Anywho, enjoy Make Snacks not War!!
Hope you like it!!

Check out our new film!

Memory Planet...

2009-03-15 09:32:51 by hania

So, it has finally happened - the next song in the Memory Planet Saga - and I've decided to take it off newgrounds until I'm happy with it.
It was on here for a day - and it will be back, with force.
Sorry for any inconvenience this may cause - but it just wasn't right.


Hello everyone,

We've completed and submitted our new animation 'Roller Coaster Junkie' Check it out!


I'm really excited about it and I hope you like it! :D


New Music Video out- Roller Coaster Junkie

New Song!

2009-01-24 03:14:59 by hania


Long time!!

Thank you all for your patience and sticking by me for so long in between updates!
I have a new song for you :)

I really hope you like it! Let me know what you think!

Thanks again for all your emails during the 'quiet' time - I really appreciate your support!


New Song!

Hey everyone!
I've got 2 new songs out on Youtube (with me singing and playing live)
One is super special cause it's from TARBOY II !! (and the first TARBOY hasn't even been released!! SO - I included a tiny little clip from TARBOY (the first film) for you on the youtube video too.)

The song is called PAIN WE FEEL

and the second song is called TOMORROW
It too is very special to me - as I made it a while ago, to help someone dear to me.

Anywho, check them out! And let me know if you like them !

On a separate note:
Yes, the album is still coming out before Christmas - Tomorrow and Pain We Feel is on it too :) As well as many more new songs. (But they're all done up with background music)

The youtube stuff is just the raw song. :)

Career Wise:
I'm being paid to make music for films here in AUS and overseas. (which is AWESOME!)
TARBOY (the film I did music for) is being screened in 4 countries as part of the BIAF on Tuesday the 28th October.

Love Wise:
Still married ;) Still super happy ;)

T-shirt Wise:
Yep. You guessed it. In both vids, I'm wearing Tarboy Shirts. They'll be available from www.tarboy.com in a few weeks for everyone to enjoy!