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My Wedding Isle Song!!

2008-09-19 08:18:47 by hania

The I Love You song , which I've called "Hania's Wedding Isle Song" here on newgrounds is up for you all to hear. And if you're having a wedding, or know of someone who might like to have this played on their big day, I would be so happy for you to use it!

It was such a tear jerker at my wedding (pretty much everyone, apart from me) cried :) *happy tears, of course* ;)

Well, I just wanted to share this with you all. It was a magical day.
The youtube video of it all will be up soon. So keep an eye out!

Here's a photo :)

Hope you like the song!!

My Wedding Isle Song!!


2008-08-02 20:45:23 by hania

Oh man! If you're a fan, you'll know that I make music for films - and if you've ever spoken to me, you'll know that TARBOY is a film I recently completed, and that it's now roaming the world in film festivals etc. It's up for 5 Awards, including Best Music Award at the QNFA here in Australia, it's in Siggraph, has been in multiple cinema screenings ... I could go on all day...


The reason to be excited is, that it hasn't been a glimps of it on the web yet... until today.

The teaser is all you're allowed to get, but the film itself is 6 minutes and 20 seconds, so it's worth the wait.

Wanna see the teaser?


The website is www.tarboy.com if you want to spread the word...

All animation is done by James Lee, the music is of course from yours trully and the story was collaborated by the both of us.

let me know what you think!
*jumps for joy*



2008-05-21 09:42:47 by hania

So I've just uploaded ~Roller Coaster Junkie~

It's so cute. After I finished it, I listened to it like, 20 times cause it's so cute. I just kept imagining coasters and riding them...

But yes, I am going to go ride one soon anyway... there's one decent one here in Australia (called Superman Escape) at Movie World. NOTHING like the ones at Magic Mountain but hey... it's Australia. We're trying!!!


Great. So while I'm finishing off the album, take a listen to ~Roller Coaster Junkie~ and have fun!
Hugs !


Oh my it's been a while!

2008-05-21 08:23:54 by hania

Super sorry to have taken so long to post a song... and still, there's no song with this post (one will come soon though)... I just thought I should let everyone know that the album that I've been working on so very hard for the past... well, ages, has almost, finally become finished!

Yes, the new Memory Planet song is coming (called "Lips of an Invader" on my computer, for now) that title will probably be changed to just "Invaders" or something cool.

I'm making about 30 new songs for you all - they're all in the process of being made at the moment, with seconds to go before being finished - so that will all come out in one lump. *visualises a lump*

I thank all of you who keep me company on newgrounds, myspace and facebook and my email during this process. Don't stop writing to me, it's always fun to say hi to people from across the world.

And I'm totally thanking everyone who have found my album from long ago on itunes and such websites... it's about to be taken off to make room for the newer album, but thanks to all those who bought the songs to support me!
You are probably the only people in the world that have heard the earlier stages of my song-creating (el-dodge-o raw hania) and you're the only ones who know of a few songs (not posted on newgrounds) that I'm remaking for the new album!

How exciting!! :)

So on that note, I'm going to go have a drink of some sort, relax, and get to another big-working-day tomorrow to try and finish what I've started.
*wish me luck*

Oh oh oh , I'm going to another screening of TARBOY at the cinema (the film that James Lee and I made... he did all the visuals and I did all the music) ... always fun to see our film on the big screen!
It will be released later in the year... I was going to upload some of the music I made for it, but I've decided not to, cause then it won't be so impacty when you finally do get around to seeing the film... so this secret will sleep with me for a while... until TARBOY is released. (shouldn't be too long now... the round-the-world screenings should be over soon and we'll be allowed to make it public!!)

I'm going.



ps. The picture you're looking at is of the Girl from Memory Planet. James and I are making an animated
video clip for the song - it shall rock. But yeah, that's pretty much how I picture her in my mind. (Drawing by James Lee)

If you're a kick-ass digital painter and would like to be a part of the clip, let me know :)

ok, really going to go now.

Oh my it's been a while!

My 1000th Favorite!

2008-03-28 20:31:40 by hania

Who ever JUST favorited me, was the 1000th person to do so :)
*I'm so happy*

I was really aiming for 1000 and when I saw it at 999 last night, I was like "Oh man... come on... come oooonnnnn.....!!"
so who ever it was, A BIG THANK YOU!!

I'm making a new song today - should be up soon!



I'm Back from USA!!

2008-03-18 03:50:48 by hania


I stayed for almost a month!! We ended up moving our plane tickets forward so we could stay longer!!
Disney World ROCKS!
Disneyland... ROCKS!
We met with Cartoon Network, The Disney Channel and Nickelodeon while in Hollywood too... if all goes well, perhaps my music will be supporting a TV cartoon series ... *wink wink nudge nudge!*

So yep - I'm now back home :) Can't WAIT to get back on the piano and make a song... I went without music composition for like... almost a month... almost went crazy, but survived ;)

So get ready, my built-up creativness has to explode now. Should have another song up and running soon ;)

Thanks for all the messages and comments and reviews while I was away! I did my best to try and keep on top of them while Overseas - but if I missed you, let me know - I'll say hi soon! :)
Oh - and about the record deal... apparently record deals are a dieing breed... (everything is Internet) so I'm just going to put my super-new songs on newgrounds and if you want to support me, I'll have a site up soon where you can buy the songs and feed me. (Yes, I need to eat...) teehee



The Girl From Memory Planet
The new song in the epic world of Memory Planet. We've discovered a new chapter from the Invasion!!

Take a listen about the little girl who has become one of the hero's on this planet that is being invaded by 'them'.

There's a bigger description of the whole chapter here including the lyrics to the song.



NEW SONG! The Girl from Memory Planet (spin off Silver Memory)

I Want My Life Back

2008-01-26 00:01:48 by hania

So I've put on a new song :) *earlier then expected... but yay!
It's called I Want My Life Back

I recorded a video of how I record this song - it's on youtube. Check it out here

It has no harmony (as I can't sing 2 voices at the one time haha) and it's just piano as well.
It's a song that is really close to my heart - when I was straying down a path that I probably wasn't meant to even know about, I realized my silly ways and wrote this song telling the story of my life. heh.

Nowdays, things are much, much better though ;) So yeah.
Enjoy! Let me know how you like it.


Woo! New Stuff!!

2008-01-24 05:26:05 by hania

Hi Everyone,

Hope you're all well and 2008 is treating you good :)

Just writing to let you all know that our latest Film is out. It's called 'Dojo Monkey' !

James Lee did the animation at Moket and I did the music :)

I hope you all enjoy!!

*hugs to all*


ps. more songs are in the making - I'm at work full on for the next week, but after that, I'll be posting up my newest stuff! MEOW!

Woo! New Stuff!!


2008-01-07 03:11:06 by hania


I've posted 2 new songs onto NEWGROUNDS AP today - I hope you like them :)

One is called "Inspiration" - http://www.newgrounds.com/audio/listen /115765

and the other is "Goddess" - http://www.newgrounds.com/audio/listen /115768

A little about both:
Inspiration is about ... well... inspiration :) It's how I feel when I make music. So I thought I'd pay tribute to my inspiration :)

Goddess is about a dream I had - I was born, and realized that I was actually a Goddess that was punished to the Earth I had made. Heh. Strange ey?

Take care! Remember to stay safe and smile!!
Merry 2008!! hehe ! THIS YEAR IS GOING TO ROCK!!


Update: Thanks everyone for being awesome troopers with "Inspiration" - you guys got me into the best weekly 3rd place!! *smiles a lot* So thanks so much for all the views, reviews and votes!!

On a different note, I promised Kaburorne that I would mention his remix of Silver Memory in my next post and I totally forgot!! (bad hania) so, I'm editing this post to also let you all know about his remix (can be found HERE )
It's a great listen! :) Thanks Kaburorne for taking the time out and making it!! I really enjoyed taking a look at another persons view of the piece! ;)
I'd also like to thank bobafett87 for making a remix of my song YOU ARE and J Ray (jrayteam6) for also making a different version of Silver Memory :)