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It's a... (Sex & Music)

2017-09-19 08:39:09 by hania

I am so excited to be sharing this news with you all!!

In 4 months, the next chapter of my life is going to start and I am SUPER PUMPED!

It's weird because at first when I was planning to get pregnant, I was afraid it would hinder my music making. Or people's perception of my music. But I've created so many songs since becoming pregnant (for my WANTED: Vigilante album + singles) , and my fans have been nothing but excited and supportive of this news, that I feel like perhaps this second heart, second brain, 10 other fingers and toes etc etc might actually be freakishly helping me in some way. :p 

At the very least, I feel like I'm a temporary time lord. 

Enjoy the reveal! And enjoy the song that follows. <3 



- Tracks used within the video - 

"Forget Me" - Hania
Released 2017
Available for download on SideTrackPro.com/Hania

"Be My Super Hero" - Hania
Released 2017
Album: The Hero Within
Available for download on 
Google Play Music
Amazon Music



WTF do I classify this as?

2017-08-24 15:59:02 by hania


I've put it as 'Other - Miscellaneous' but is that right? Am I the only one who has trouble figuring out what genre my stuff fits into?


Deadline: 11:59pm 18th Feb

2017-02-17 12:51:35 by hania

You have until the 18th of Feb!! Pre-Order Now (pay later) 

❤ Pre-Order the Album! ♫ ♬

2017-02-09 11:40:23 by hania

I'm finally doing it. I'm getting physical... I'm making an album on a Physical CD for You. 

Why Pre-Order the CD?

  • Your name will be included in the printed SPECIAL THANKS SECTION page of the CD's booklet!
  • You are guaranteed to receive a copy of the CD
  • I will sign the booklet for you (and write whatever else you want on there!)
  • Bragging rights


When do you need to pay for it?

NOT YET! First I need you to decide if you're going to want to buy the CD and fill ou the pre-order form. 

To keep the cost of the Album under $20, I need to order a certain amount of CD's with their booklets.  This means that I need to make sure I've got enough people wanting to purchase a physical copy of my Album so that I break even on the printing costs! :D

Once I reach this 'Album Milestone', I'll be able to place the order and at that point, I'll be emailing you with a Secure PayPal Link for you to click & pay. Once you receive that email, you'll have 48 hours to click the link and make the payment of $19.99 + shipping. If you follow that one easy step, your name is guaranteed to be on the booklet! 


How much is it?   $19.99 + Shipping



Click THIS LINK  to head over to the Pre-Order Form. Simple!


What will be on the album?

The album will be a collection of my New & Most Popular songs. Basically expect a lot of music. ;) 


I want to hear a SPECIFIC (hania) song on the album. Can I request it?

Yes!! Simply CLICK ON THIS RIGHT HERE and leave a comment with the song that you absolutely would love to hear on the album and I'll see what I can do about putting it on there! ;) The reason that I haven't included this question in the pre-order form or on this Newgrounds Post is because I didn't want to force you to name a track. But for my die-hard fans that absolutely must hear this one song on the CD, your time to speak up is right now. RIGHT THERE. <3 



2016-12-08 13:16:44 by hania

Did someone drop a Christmas album? F@ck yes they did! 



01. The List (Original: Jazzy and funny)
02. We Wish You a Merry Christmas (Cover: Traditional Christmas mood)
03. The Meaning of Christmas (Original: Built with a generous sprinkling of Epic)
04. Angels We Have Heard on High (Cover: Harmony upon harmony!)
05. Believe in Claus (Original: Sung by a real elf)
06. Jolly Ol' Saint Nicholas (Cover: Jazz, toe tapping, mentions specific fans... ) 

You're going to love it! Go grab it and add the new stuff to your classic Christmas Listening playlist. 



What's 60+ people and a sunrise...

2016-11-12 15:27:57 by hania

I've been mulling over a video idea for this song for ages. Finally, a few weeks ago I decided to ask a talented actress to star in this clip. However, with her, myself and Patrick all trying to be creative, (and no game plan) the ideas that took shape on the day of the shoot were pretty damn terrible. Haha, I mean, we were running around a park, me chasing her, then her chasing me, getting angry at a fence, walking down a railway track, sitting next to a tree... it was so fucking stupid. Fun, but when the footage was looked at afterwards, I basically just scrapped the lot and put this song on the backburner. 


Until yesterday.


Something just clicked in my big brain and I hopped onto trusty ol' facebook. Within 10 minutes, I'd set up an event to ask for people to send me in selfies with the word "SUNRISE" somewhere either written on them, or on paper in the shot somewhere. I gave everyone a 4 hour deadline, then sat back and waited.

Within 4 hours, over  60 people sent me their selfies! It didn't matter that they were at work or home, they grabbed something to write with and either wrote on themselves, or postit notes, or a piece of paper and took a quick snap with their phone. I was beside myself in gratitude and humbled by the response.

So this inspired me to treck back out into the woods this morning, with Patrick behind the camera, and make this video about how positive the world can be. How quickly people can band together and work as a team when called for by someone they know will do right by them. It didn't need effects, it needed the raw sunlight and a steady hand (Thanks, Patrick!). 

It needed a positive can-do attitude, and a lot of hands-in-thigh action afterwards because HOLY BALLS IT WAS COLD OUT THIS MORNING! Worth it.


Enjoy the song.



Giant Collab!

2016-10-20 10:41:37 by hania

Trackers is proud to present "HOPE".

We enlisted 36 voices from around the world to sing the chorus of this epic, awesome track. Take a listen!

We've got some Newgrounds voices on here as well! There's Khris , Real Faction , Sillytune  and  Troisnyx !!!

Because this song is about Hope, Trackers has decided to donate all profit from sales of this song in it's first month to The Kids Cancer Project. 


Buy the song here: https://trackersrock.bandcamp.com/track/hope 


Learn about The Kids Cancer Project here: https://www.thekidscancerproject.org.au/



In terms of the rest of our wonderful World Choir, we had so many accents going on individually that when I received the vocal tracks, I was overwhelmed with how this was going to come together... but putting them all on top of each other, like a wholesome voice orgy, they melted into one another and it just sounds epic! 



I'm going to include a list of everyone who was involved, because they totally deserve the credit whever this is posted!!

♫ ♬ Say hello to our World Choir ♫ ♬

Andrew Mar - USA 
Andy Miller - USA
Antonio Candelario - USA
Asmae Yadine - MOROCCO 
Carlos Strong - USA 
David Weise - USA 
Gabby Harper - USA 
Gene Single - UKRAINE 
Geosh Versieux Jr. - BRAZIL
Hajar Ouikene - MOROCCO
Ireneo Piccinini - ITALY
Jamesfastboy - USA
John - USA
Jonathan Duffy - ICELAND 
Joseph Kuligowski - USA 
Josh Cake - FRANCE 
Katalina Hinton - USA 
Khristophur - CANADA 
Kiyoshi Muyo - USA 
Liesi - AUSTRIA 
Melanie Isabelle - CANADA 
Michael - USA 
Morgan Ireland - UK 
Nikolett Pinezits - HUNGARY 
Patrick Alfonzo - USA 
Real Faction - USA 
Sillytune - SERBIA
Sophie Campbell - AUSTRALIA 
Spencer Schiere - CANADA
Steve Vitabile - USA 
Tauri Ramst - ESTONIA 
Torma Tamas - HUNGARY
Troisnyx - UK 

Thanks for listening! Remember to buy the track so we can donate as much as possible to The Kids Cancer Project! Also remember to share the video, like the and comment, all the social media things. And if you want to spread the word, share the video on your facebook and tag Trackers. We'll send you either the song HOPE for Free, or if you've already bought it, another one of our tracks that you want! Just let us know! 

TRACKERS cover Mad World!

2016-09-09 10:22:09 by hania

TRACKERS covered "Mad World" this week. Check it out! FREE to download right here on Newgrounds. *wink

>>Click to hear Trackers Cover of Mad World<<


Why did we cover this song? I have a weekly TwitchTV live stream and on it (last week) y'all said you wanted to hear a cover of Mad World by Trackers. So we did it. #foryou #in1week

Got another song idea for Trackers to cover? Tell us! Better yet, come say Hi on TwitchTV this Thursday. The Trackers band members are normally lingering in the text chat to hunt down great ideas. 

Oh you didn't know I have a TwitchTV stream? Well now you do. Tune in every Thursday at 8pm EST for random twitching. 

I know Trackers haven't release much of our music (yet), but I'm going to plug our Patreon page anyway. Get on and support us in these early days as there's so much awesome shit coming your way - you'll want to be ahead of the curve. "We were fans before they were a thing" you'll say. >>PATREON<<

On a personal note, I released Take Over at 2am this morning. I was inspired. Check out the sexy* videowoo-hoo!

*Goo-goo eyes at the camera while I sing you a chillin' tune 


2016-04-27 23:48:37 by hania

Another song spawned from my Black and White series on YouTube and Patreon

This one is an actual animation though... like, all of it. Which is weird for me because normally I get really freaked out by the magic of animation and end up just plastering my face in an awkward way onto some film and shoving it into everyone's life. So this is refreshing.




❤Love You❤

2016-02-26 11:25:04 by hania

Love is only what you make it
If you're rough, you'll probably break it
Take a book from my shelf and read a page.

I see your face
I see your eyes
I know of everything that makes you smile
Cause all I wanna do
Is love you

I felt an overwhelming bliss
When I took you by surprise with that kiss
And all you wanna do
Is love me too

There may be people
In this world that don't agree
But that doesn't matter
To you or me - no

We started on a midnight stroll
You warmed my heart when all I felt was cold
And all I wanna do 
Is love you

I wrote this song for you
To tell you all the things I know are true
And all you wanna do
Is love me too

And all you wanna do
All you wanna do
All you wanna do
Is love me too


Born from my Black and White improvisational session (Black and White songs S02Ep10) ! Just goes to show that constant improvisation helps bring out some really fun tunes. Thought I'd share. :)