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New Song - Freedom Fighter Racing

2011-03-19 09:50:37 by hania

Woo! 3 hours and a song is made. FREEDOM FIGHTER RACING

I decided to do shots of Johnny Walker this rainy night and while doing so, felt it was mandatory to write a song about racing cars.


It's mah Birfday Yo!

2010-12-12 04:56:41 by hania

So it's been a really long time since I've actually sat down on my computer and did some music! Today is my birthday and I put aside a few hours to create an experimental piece. It's called Tempted To Say.

James showed me some music by Puscifer which really got me thinking about a different style of music. I wanted to experiment with something cold and electronic, while keeping the depthy vocal melody that I so much enjoy. :D

I'm hoping to get something out for Christmas but I can't say for sure as time is not my friend these days :( I am trying to bribe time with chocolate though, so here's to hoping ;)

Merry Christmas!


A September Update.

2010-09-13 21:43:43 by hania

The game Alice is Dead 3 is out so make sure you go play it! Very cool game and very cool people to have worked with.

The 24 animation in 24 hours challenge is done and it was AMAZING!!! The community that came to support us were awesome! We met a whole bunch of great people with fantastic ideas and they really helped with the process

So thanks to everyone that came to watch! You really did help!!!

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We didn't have space to mention what animations everyone inspired on the film, so here's the list:

Hobo with Balloons - Garenarussion

Bean boy terrorises city - FunnyHB

Banana Time Machine - oOTheForsakenOneOo

Pie in face & Explodes - KillswitchParadox

Revenge of the Taco - KillswitchParadox

Explosion Runner - (started off as shark with sunglasses - JonBro)
(then turned into the guy being an explosions with sunglasses - Crapatflash_CS)
(then turned into the guy running from an explosion - KillswitchParadox)

Computer Eats Cow - tontie777

Zombie Muffin - Danny

Space Ship - (Started off being Aliens - Trixen (Brendan Barry-Cotter))
(then the idea of spiders came about - SatanicGoomba)

Butterfly - Grimaldo

Head Shot - (Started off as tomato sauce - Eammy)
(Turned into hot sauce - Danny)

Voice acting for the Toast & Cloud animations - Trixen (Brendan Barry-Cotter)

Here's some art that I really liked (and remembered to write the link down). I know there were others that drew while we were doing this, so if you have a link, let me know !

The music was so much fun to make too! While juggling reading the chat and helping James out with ideas and what-not, (getting food and coffee...) I managed to create 25 pieces of music, varying in mood for each animation James was creating. I've collated them all (as well as the intro and credit music) and they're available here to download

What's next? Well, I've got 3 projects that I have to finish without delay so I'm going to go off into my cave and do them. After that, 2 albums to finish and a Christmas Album as December is almost upon us!

Another thank you to all who came to support us! We'll be doing this again for sure!

24 Animations in 24 Hours

2010-09-08 08:37:45 by hania

Save the Date - Saturday the 11th September 2010 (in a few days) 8:00am Australian Eastern Standard Time.

James and I have set ourselves a challenge to get 24 animations done in 24 hours straight! The cool thing though, is that we'll be live on stickam.com the whole time! You'll see us in our computer room, where both James and I will be working, eating, power napping - whatever. As well as everything James draws on his Cintiq.


Not only are we putting ourselves out there for everyone to see how we work, we're also wanting to animate the ideas YOU come up with! (as long as they're not too vulgar or obscene) If we go with your idea, we'll credit you as inspiration :D

So, make sure you tune in on the channel above for the 24 in 24 challenge!

24 Animations in 24 Hours

24 Animations in 24 Hours

2010-08-31 21:32:54 by hania

We've chosen the date - it will be the 11th September 8am Australian Eastern Standard Time. I'll do up a front page post with the stickam details closer to the date. Well... it's only in a few days, but you know what I mean ;)

So James and I had an awesome idea the other day - to make 24 animations in 24 hours.

We did a run of tests last night and figured out that it's do-able. Just. heh. I think the hardest thing will be staying awake. I'm keen to see what strange and fucked up thing we churn out on that 24th hour...

But how to make it so everyone can see what we're doing, during those 24 hours?
Answer: Stickam.com

I am hoping that it's possible to show 2 camera angles on the same channel. I'd like everyone to see what James is doing on his Wacom and then another camera on the wall so you can see the two of us at work. Or eating. Or taking a power nap if it comes to that!

We really want people to get involved in this too - so if you happen to be on stickam while we're attempting this 24 hour marathon of animations, then yell out some ideas! We'd gladly incorporate whatever sounds good and will credit you at the end as a source of inspiration :D

We need to do this between our deadlines and preferably on a weekend - so the date hasn't been set yet - but I thought I should start letting people know so you can start thinking of cool ideas. Nothing too vulgar or obscene though.

Here's a pic I drew this morning for shits and giggles.

24 Animations in 24 Hours

$3 SALE !

2010-08-09 20:14:10 by hania

Until Friday the 13th, the Cuddle PUNCH album is going on SALE for $3!

You won't find this sale on iTunes or Amazon though... it's exclusive to my site www.hanialee.com

While you're there, if you haven't already, pick up the Tarboy OST and bonus tracks for FREE!

$3 SALE !

Back home

2010-07-22 18:02:10 by hania

So James and I are safely home now after 2 awesome weeks visiting the Newgrounds office in Philly.

Photos can be checked out Here.

Meet up?

2010-07-12 11:43:08 by hania

So James and I are in Philadelphia at the moment, and we've met a whole bunch of awesome people so far, but I forgot to give them my details to keep in touch - so if you're one of those people, PM me! I'd hate to have met someone in person and then not speak to them again... that's just silly.

For all those that want to say hello (again or for the first time), I suggest we head out for a coffee or something - Downtown Philly is lovely (James and I still need to explore it more too) so we'd love company.

Monday next week would be good? I think that's the 19th?

Visiting the NG office!

2010-07-08 23:25:41 by hania

So James and I are visiting the Newgrounds office for Robot day :) We're in Philly now and just went to our first baseball game tonight - awesome.

Gonna head to Six Flags Great Adventure and ride the awesome Kingda Ka next week - it will rock socks.

Woot NG!!

and Cheese Steaks!!

Ballgina Safari

2010-06-16 04:10:37 by hania

Hey hey! Just wanted to let you all know about the new animation up on the portal ; Ballgina Safari (BGS for short).

This is a shortened version of my song 'Ballgina Safari' (full track can be found on the Cuddle PUNCH album on itunes, amazon, my blogetc) CurtiSmith did the animation.

You should go follow the two explorers on their quest to find Ballgina's... go go tight balls go!

Ballgina Safari