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2014-02-24 14:50:44 by hania

Get your Rocket Love on! Why? Because one needs a does of WTF Eurobeat. I remembered I had these instruments and NEEDED to try them out on a song... rockets are awesome, love is awesome... Rocket Love felt right.

In other news, I'm heading to the land of Australia soon to experience sleeping in the Sydney Zoo! Amazing behind the scenes tours, animal time, the opera house as a backdrop... it's going to be an experience of a lifetime! 


Coven Girls.

2013-12-02 09:33:29 by hania

So who watches American Horror Story? And specifically; COVEN. ?


So I made a song that makes me happy. It's called "Coven Girls" and here's the video clip:

Also, we all like Christmas songs, right? WRONG! So I took the over-played, overly-cheesy Christmas carols that are force fed into our ear holes during December and turned them into something new. If you're looking for some calm-ass, cool Christmassy music to play during some sort of holiday thing this month; maybe throw this into the mix?

It has simulated snow.

On a personal note:
Things with me are both amazing and super awful. But I'm sure that's the same tune we all sing with life. Up's and down's; so I won't bother you all with details. :p HOWEVER on the UP side of things; my Mum no longer has Breast cancer! And honestly, I am so thankful to everyone who had her in their prayers and thoughts during the operation. :D

Oh, and for all the hockey fans out there; I've gone to 4 live games at The Prudential Center this year and the last time I went, we were invited to sit up with the HARDCORE FANS (I've been told that to sit in that section, you need to go for an interview!) so during the anthem, I was helping the super nice cheer leaders hold up a GIANT flag, we started all the chants, we drank a lot of beer and had an absolute BLAST!! 'Murica!

If anyone needs anything with my voice/music, let me know. ;)


2013-10-13 17:40:13 by hania

OMG OMG OMG Walking Dead is on tonight!! Years ago I got into the comics and when the show came on; and the story was changed, I absolutely LOVED it! Because... now I can continue to read the comics as they come out AND watch the show; giving me twice the storyline! *fandrool

So I made a song to celebrate.

Oh I'm so pumped for this!

I've been posting a song per week on YouTube with a video for the last... oh... 7 months or so. I've also been posting a Thursday video telling everyone about my art on Etsy. NO MORE!
I was asked by fans and friends alike to make a vlog. This was the first time I had heard about this vlogging thing; so I gave it a shot last week... and it went well!

So this week I made another!

Based on the questions from my fans, I created this little video.
In it:
1. Million Second Quiz experience (those living in USA know what I'm on about)
2. My first Kiss
3. How I compose!
4. General la-dee-da's.

Because it's animated; I posted this on Newgrounds! I focused on frame by frame stuff! So let me know any tips/suggestions that you have as animators so I can learn, learn, LEARN! :D

Newgrounds submission to my song "Tempted To Say"

Oh! I also went to Washington DC two weekends ago and it ... was... AWESOME! I did this sweet ride at the Air & Space Museum, where I had to shoot enemy planes while my friend piloted a jet. (Simulator) - We did so many barrel rolls and hung upside down for most of it. What else does one do in a full-moving simulator?

Then we went to Six Flags America in Maryland! Oh man... so much awesome stuff!!

My very first Animation...

2013-08-12 14:21:23 by hania

... be kind!

It took me 11 hours to make, on a Friday. It's my first Newgrounds Movie Portal submission, I don't expect to win awards, but today is a really special day for me. I've always wanted to start animating and I'm finally gutsy enough to try.

Hope you enjoy this!!

Here's the link to Ferrari ON NEWGROUNDS!

And here's the one on YouTube :)


2013-07-22 16:12:48 by hania

Creepy creepy stuff! Take a look at my new music video; DEMON!

It's gotten a nice little response on The YouTube so far, I'd love it to reach everyone that enjoys my music so feel free to share! (please) Like it, love it, comment, subscribe, request, critique, enjoy, laugh, hide... you know. :p

In other news, my art has turned into SUMMER TIME GOLD! (photo) Like it? Buy it! It's under $20!

I'm sure there are Newgrounders on here with money... and now that I'm only living off music and art sales, I call upon you!

Go take a look at my art (ranges from $5 to a couple hundred buckaroos) ;)


Better yet - commission me to make you some music! About whatever you want! Seriously... whatever you want.

<3 LOVE <3


Cartoon Review (NSFW)

2013-06-25 11:33:24 by hania

NOTE: There are swear words and inappropriate references made in this song... want it? Take a listen. Don't want it? Don't take a listen. Simple :D

The song is available for download on my website ! Woo!! (which is also new and exciting!!) **thumbs up

It's really just a play on what I see online these days with cartoons about stuff... not meant to offend, just meant to entertain. :D

I had an absolute blast composing this song, singing it is so fun! And I really liked filming it. Heh, I actually super enjoy playing on a free-moving keyboard!

So far it's had a nice little response so I thought I'd share it on Newgrounds to see what you all think of me stretching out my legs a little and relaxing with my subject matter. Can't always be serious and deep with my music making. *wink


If you need music for your game, let me know! I have a little bit of time where I can make a few things for you all :D

My first Video with an actress!

2013-06-04 08:35:00 by hania

I had a strong urge to make a video clip starring my friend Lori Pacholka. So I asked, she accepted and wham, bam, DONE:

My friend Patrick directed and shot this film clip - and it was SO MUCH FUN!!! He and I came up with the concept earlier in the week, we did a few test runs together to work out the finer details and then Lori came up from Philly to get involved. We did one practice run, one dress rehearsal and then filmed it on the 3rd go! I am so thrilled and thankful to have had those two on board for this. <3

My favorite part was teleporting from spot to spot. I think I've got that down. ;)

My first Video with an actress!

Squirtle Got A Gun

2013-05-16 14:36:45 by hania

Squirtle Got a Gun, Squirtle Got a Gun (oh yeah he got a gun...)

This started off as a project that was meant to be animated but it never happened so the song was put out on its own with some web cam shenanigans!

I've got the song for sale on my site & iTunes so if you'd like to support me, go buy it! But I feel it should be available to download here for free as I was lucky enough to be able to head to the NG Office in Philly months back to try out some vocals for this in their recording booth! I didn't end up using those vocals, but the trip allowed me to brainstorm and practice and that's just as important!

If you feel like downloading it here for free, make sure you still go check out my NEW website! MyHaniaArt; and maybe click the "Donate" button to buy me lunch while I work on more music and art! :D

For all those people following my art stuff; here's my Etsy Store !! :D A lot of cool people have been buying my artworks and it's so humbling to be able to walk them to the post office every few days! Keep it coming beloved art collectors!!! <3

So much has happened in the last few months I don't know where to begin - so if you've got questions, PM me. :) I'll leave you now with a photo of me walking down some cool looking train tracks in Byron Bay when I visited Australia a few weeks ago. It was great to see my parents, but I can't help by think of USA as my home now. *wink

Squirtle Got A Gun

Hey Newgrounds!! It's been a while!!

So, loads has happened... I teamed up with Jacob Deisel and made a 'lil video clip for my Dragon Ball Z Inspired song.

I've also put out a bunch of songs on YouTube to try and get some monetary support so I can keep doing what I'm doing and survive. *gulp

AND, I opened up an Etsy Store! The most popular item is the personalized lyrics that I'm writing out for people. I've sent them out to UK, Netherlands, Germany, Australia, USA... it's so exciting and awesome. :D

This year has been so hectic so far, and I'm sure it's only going to be getting more busy! But I just HAD to post to NG as this is where it all started, and I'll never forget this amazing community. Love you all and I hope to be sharing more with you soon!

ps. Go Devils! <3

Dragon Ball Z Inspired & General Update