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2016-01-09 10:45:40 by hania

Ever wondered what you'd do first as a Super Hero? Like, what's the first thing you do? Get dressed? Put on your shoes? Fly somewhere? Well, this song tackles those Super Hero issues that one might have, in the most plain way. Is that a good thing? Sure. Let's say it is.

♫  Want the song?  ♫ 

Either watch and re-wach the video on this post, get it from my website or email me (music@myhaniart.com) with a picture of yourself in a Super Hero get-up with this video in the background so I know it's actually you, and I'll reply to your email with the Mp3 for free. Suddenly ... I feel like a villian. MUAHAHAHAHA GIMME PICS OF YOU BEING SUPER! 

I've not actually had anyone on my Fan Facebook take me up on this fun offer... maybe someone from Newgrounds is daring enough? I place the ball in your court, gently. Your move. ;)


On a side note, remember to go check me out on Patreon! Here you'll find my Black and White songs.

(Here's the most recent example)




Make It Go Away

2015-11-19 09:26:16 by hania

Hehe. This video is weird. Let's just move past that fact. Enjoy!


WTF is this? WTF was that?!

2015-11-10 11:02:55 by hania

Alright, so a whole bunch of time goes by and I find myself being told by an awesome fan that this website called Patreon exists. I go onto it and immediately think "WTF is this? WTF was that?" Like this: 2001933_144717001223_wtfisthisthat.jpg

Then I figured it out and thought:


And as a funny, I set myself up with an account. Here it is: https://www.patreon.com/hania

Currently, I'm into doing my stupid Black and White Songs on my side youtube account Hania Zdunek which bring me so much joy and happiness you have no idea. So I thought "THIS will do nicely on the Patreon thingy because I'm not going to stop making them and thus, won't let anyone down if they do decide to back me." 


Well. WHELL. I got backers! I fell off my chair in gratitude. So I wanted to share this happiness with you all.

Firstly, because a lot of people here are amazing and should be given an opportunity to make even more money from their work. Your animations / Games / Music can be put on Newgrounds and fed into Patreon! I just want to stress that point... In no way do I want you to EVER stop submitting to Newgrounds. 

Secondly, because I know I have a bunch of supporters on here - that maybe you'd like to get in on being a Patron of mine and getting monthly rewards for your support! This includes Free Mp3's, downloadable wallpaper, Skype chats, Artwork, custom songs ABOUT YOU and the invitation to come to my house and be on an episode of Black and White Songs. Plus, I'm sure I"ll come up with other fun ideas in the future ... feel free to suggest them.

So that's my story. Thanks for reading. 



Necessary Murder.

2015-09-17 22:07:55 by hania

Manu Forti and I have come out with another song; this time it's about murder of the necessary kind. 


Watch! Comment! Share!


Also, in other news, Manu Forti and I are working on another track and we need your vocals!


If you can sing, message me. I'll send you through the details and we'll get the ball rolling. We don't want to take 100 years so if you get in contact with me in the next 24 hours and can turn around a recording in a further 24 hours, and can sing a basic tune to a simple beat (that's important) - message me. Do it. Get involved. :D



Radiohead's CREEP jazzy what now?

2015-08-27 11:41:08 by hania

So this is a little weird, but stay with me here... I really like Radiohead's song CREEP. I really do. I like it so much that I wanted to make a cover of it, but to cover an already perfect track in the same musical style is... well... not something I'd do. Why change a perfect thing?

SO INSTEAD I totally changed the mood and went full FINGER SNAPPY TIME. 

The video is something I whipped up from all my outtakes of previous video's I've done for the world wide interwebs ... I mean, the song is about someone who isn't quite right - which is me, generally speaking. And I'm OK with that. :)


, the last two weeks have been pretty exciting! I experienced my first ever American Football game between the Colts and the Eagles. We ended up (magically, somehow) in a kick-ass suite with unlimited booze, food and the most awesome view of the game! And the Eagles cheer leaders even came to the room for a visit. They told me my dress was adorable. I totally blushed. 











THE ROOM movie night was a complete success! 

I had the rules up on the fireplace:

  • Drink when someone walks through a door
  • Drink when someone says "Oh Hi (Character name)"
  • Drink when you see a rose or a spoon and;
  • Down a whole glass of something when you hear the line " YOU'RE TEARING ME APART!" 


Honestly, you'd get hammered just from the door rule. But stupid us decided to follow each and every stupid rule and to no surprise we were off our face by the end of the movie. Then we opened a Polish spirit in a mandolin shaped bottle, some chocolate wine and something red and started to mix that to create shots I don't know but the next day was death for us and I've sworn off booze for at least another week. SUCCESS!


A few days later, we babysat 2 dogs! Yay! One was a black lab that took a shit on my deck (he's super old, it wasn't his fault) and the other, another (more fun) version of my carpet. :) 


After the week of dog-sitting, we went to Six Flags Great Adventure with my Roller Coaster Junkie-in-training Niece and we took her on her first ever adult roller coaster. NITRO. Immediately after that, she dared to ride her first ever looping coaster; BIZARRO! I'm so extremely proud of her efforts! She's only 11!! It was a really awesome day. :D



I made a new song a few days ago called "TO BE SUPER" and I'm working on figuring out some video stuff for it.

If anyone wants to help brainstorm some ideas, message me. Music is my thing; video making... not so much. So all and any help is appreciated! 

Or even email me directly: music@myhaniart.com 

Seriously, if you want to help me figure out what to do, email / message me and I'll send you to the track to ponder on. ;)

APART FROM THAT, I'm working on a video clip for Manu Forti and my song "Turn The Lights On" - it's (hopefully) going to be the bees knees and up within the next 2 weeks. He and I finished another track the other day called "The Ride". You can LISTEN TO IT HERE. And we're almost done on another track (just needs guitars) ... so you could say we're on a roll and pretty much on the edge of releasing an album with all the songs we've got in the bank! 

Whelp, that's my update of the last 2 weeks. Time to continue on doing what it is that we all do. Probably go play some newgrounds games or jump on pintrest. There are a range of options. 

Thanks for reading! 



2015-08-12 12:52:18 by hania

So I'm hitched! To the tune of the Jurassic Park theme song (covered by the Piano Guys), my Mum walked me down the isle on the 110ft yacht anchored in the Hudson River. We said our vows about me not being allowed to open cardboard boxed unsupervised and him to keep the air conditioner in the house and car no lower than 73 degrees. There were also things about loving each other and being robots when our bodies give out in the future... our vows were awesome. To us. 


Then the yacht sailed around Manhattan for hours and hours, we had a beautiful sit down lunch made by the lovely on-board chef who's name I don't know, but I'd like to think it was Philipe. Our cake was a simple design. No frills, just delicious. Carrot cake. Seriously, it's so good. I have the top tier in my freezer and all I want to do is eat it. 


And yes, the cake topper is a custom made USA and AUS with love hearts in our respective cities. 

We visited the Statue of Liberty on the way back to dry land as a representation of me immigrating to the United States. It's relevant. 


We had our first dance to "A Thousand Years" as that was the first song we ever danced to. 


And after we wobbly-walked off the yacht, the party headed to a bar and then Pier 13 in Hoboken... our old stomping ground. We drank and chilled and enjoyed the sunset. 


And at the end of the day, we retreated to our executive suite overlooking New York City. We took an Uber. They didn't kill us. Suck it, Taxi Cabs.


Oh but the story doesn't end there. No no no. The next day, we had Sushi and went mini-golfing! And then I chopped off all my hair and donated it to Locks of Love. Over 10 inches of it!! I wash my hair now and I no longer get arm pain from doing so. 


We're thinking about getting a puppy soon. We're going to call him Sidetrack. 

And in 2 days, we're hosting a movie night for THE ROOM where we'll play a drinking game and it's going to both suck super hard and be amazing at the same time. YOU'RE TEARING ME APART, LISA! 


This journey continues. I can honestly say that my wedding day with Patrick was the happiest day of my life up until that point. But every day after has been an extention of it and I feel so incredibly blessed to be here. 

I'd lie if I said Patrick hasn't sung this while playing guitar for me lately... 



Belly Dancing Video - Rock Remix!

2015-01-09 19:48:42 by hania

2015 is going to be bringing some fun times! 

Here's the video clip that Manu Forti and I worked on last week...

The track is available on BandCamp & iTunes as well as a download on my Website! If you like it, please support Manu Forti and my efforts by purchasing the track. Every sale helps us keep making music for you all! :) 

Demo Reel! Manu Forti & I have been busy...

2014-11-22 04:25:36 by hania

We. Have. Been. Busy! 

Manu Forti and I are doing some hard-ass work here in Sweaty Australia. It's like, 80 degrees here at 7am... blergh. 

So we've put together a sweet little demo reel for you all to take a listen to... these track are done-diddly and there are more in the works. COVEN is already available on iTunes and the rest we'll be wrapping in a neat little package and releasing to you in album form. 

I tell you what, Manu is amazing to work with - and the talent he finds for the guitars is incredible. We hope you enjoy the tease that is this demo reel!


Who wants a raw vocal ringtone from me?

2014-09-29 05:36:10 by hania

I've discovered this neat little microhpone recorder thingy on my phone and went nuts on it the other day making over 50 different ringtones for fans from facebook and then I thought HOLD-THE-PHONE! (no pun intended) everyone on Newgrounds doesn't know I'm doing this because I haven't told them! So, head to this link here: RINGTONE FROM HANIA and request one! 


I'm LOVING the old-style jazz voice at the moment, so most likely (unless you direct me otherwise) you'll get a cute original tune of me trying my best at making it sound finger-clicking-good! 

I honestly can't get enough of making these, so please overwhelm me with your requests and I'll pump them out with a smile on my face! Best thing about this; you get a free ringtone. Worst case scenario; you get a free ringtone. 




I've done over 100 ringtones now!!! WHAAATTT?!!! That is awesome and I love it and hang in there everyone who are still on the waiting list! I'm getting to each and every one of you :D Thanks so much for getting involved and sending through your requests! :) I love doing this!!! 



Manu-Forti and I have been collaborating quite a bit in the last few months. We've been working with people around the world to create some really different-sounding tracks and one of them is finally on iTunes! We're now in the mood to create a sweet little video clip and would love to hear from anyone that has the desire to help us out. :) 

Want more info? PM me! 

In personal news; check out this photo... 


It's a very lovey-dovey story, so I'll spare you the details here. But if you want to know the story behind it, head to my BLOG POST

I will, however, tell you a story about Hot Air Ballooning.

Patrick and I went on a 1 hour hot air balloon ride over the Gold Coast, with a champagne breakfast to follow and a little trip to the casino after that. On the way back to Brisbane, we stopped by Movie World and rode all the roller coasters, then ate the BEST MEAT PIE and shared the BEST APPLE PIE at Yatala Pie. But I digress. 

The balloon ride was meant to be a really dosile experience. I convinced both his and my parents to not stress because "Ballooning is super, super calm." Yes, they were all stressing.

But that's no fun. *wink 

So before we got into the big floating basket, I said a little wish under my breath and hopped on in! We floated for about 45 minutes before things started to get really interesting. Sure, the landscape was beautiful, we caught the sun rising behind the Gold Coast City skyline, it really was an amazing sight to see. But you know that little part of you that wants a zombie appocolypse to happen? That part of me was out and about on this particular morning and long story short, the ballooning version of tripping on a small object occurred...

We hit 2 trees, almost crashed into a country club chimney and had to make an executive decision to land on a prestine golf course (big no no in the world of landing as those places get royally upset if you mess up their turf) or risk hitting power lines if we didn't clear them before needing to go to 3000ft to be able to safely make it to a different landing space...

It was the best experience ever! At one point we were so close to the cars along the highway (as the wind happened to bring us there and then stop blowing) that the cars were slowing down, beeping, people were stopping and taking out their phones to video/photograph our giant red, white and blue balloon... 

I learned a lot about ballooning; you can only really steer it up and down. The different directional winds on the different levels in the sky are what dictate where exactly you are going. So the driver has some neat technology around him to let him know exactly how high we want to be to catch whatever direction-wind we want... let me just put this out there: my terminology isn't right. Direction-wind? What is that? But hopefully you can piece this all together to figure out what is it that I'm trying to explain. Ballooning is cool.

I have it all on film.

The driver (Murry) of this crazy contraption was really great! He's actually going to be attempting to break a ballooning world record at the end of this year. So I'll be tuning into that TV show. Supposedly he's getting his sky diving license because if everything goes wrong, he'll need to know how to work a parachute and abandon ship! 

But I'll leave the story here. Enjoy your day! Oh, and go spend $1 to buy the newest song on iTunes by Manu-Forti and me.